A 'how-to' workbook for the
small business owner.



24 easy-to-complete, no-cost projects are detailed in What's Your Phrase that Pays?

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What's Your Phrase that Pays is only $24.95 plus tax if required. Shipping is FREE.

To discuss the workbook, or to order, give me a call at 573-808-2349 or e-mail me at mark@accountablemarketing.com. If you prefer, you can order via Pay Pal here (add tax if required):  

To see the top 10 phrases that pay according to Ad Age, click HERE.


"To cut through the clutter, an advertiser has to clearly communicate a real reason for consumers to buy from them. What's Your Phrase that Pays? gives small business owners the tools they need to create and implement an effective advertising campaign." Richard H, President, Advertising Agency

"The Situation Analysis" (Project #9) form Mark provides is worth the price of the book all by itself. I highly recommend What's Your Phrase that Pays?." Fred S, Retail store owner, game room products

"I've been helping small business owners grow their businesses for over twenty years. I believe What's Your Phrase that Pays? is the best resource on the subject available." Bob S, Local Network TV sales rep


A well-crafted phrase is critical to your advertising because: "The evidence we offer here is that customers can quickly name a brand or store when asked what first comes-to-mind for specific bits of information, and that these top-of-mind responses are associated with customers' primary brand and store choice." (Finding out why customers shop your store and buy your brand, Journal of Advertising Research, Nov/Dec '92, Woodside and Trappey III)

You want your phrase that pays to be the first bit of information your prospective buyers remember about you because the business that owns first position is 2x more profitable than the business in second position and is 4x more profitable than the business that is in third position (Reis and Trout, Positioning).

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