Writing that wins business takes time, something most small business owners don't have enough of.

If you want the perfect slogan,
copy for TV, Cable or radio advertising, a special report, content for your web site or e-mail campaign, a press release or a brochure, I'd love to put pen to paper for you!

I believe every marketing communication effort you make must achieve two objectives: sell your NOW BUYER and put you in position to sell your FUTURE BUYER.

In addition to reaching the right person with the right content, every marketing communication effort you make should include an offer that will motivate action right now, coupled with a call-to-action that informs prospective buyers what they need to do take advantage of your offer.

Creating Copy that Gets Results: here
Copy Notes to Begin Creating Copy that Sells: here
Creating Special Reports/White Papers that Win Customers: here
Client Profile for Jingle: here


Creating and implementing a Strategic Plan is essential if you're ready to take your business to the next level.

Find out how I can help you create your Strategic Plan HERE.

Find out about the Strategic Planning process HERE.

For pricing on either Copywriting or Strategic Planning, give me a call at 573-808-2349, or e-mail mark@accountablemarketing.com

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